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We offer military and first responders discounts!

Encore Charters: Give Good Cheers in Life

15 July 2021       Bookmark and Share

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Scratching your head about what utterly unique gift you can give for her birthday this year. What if you were to say, “Honey, for your birthday, you, me, and all of your best friends are going to spend the day cruising southern Florida aboard a luxury yacht”. What do you think she will say to that? Hint: Just don’t tell her how affordable it is given the fact that your likely spending less on her this year than you did for her last birthday!

With Encore Charters, delivering life-long memories is what we are all about. This would be a truly remarkable gift and one that she will remember and talk about for years to come. Do you (or she) recall what you have her two years ago for her birthday? Two years from now we assure you she’ll be able to describe exactly what you gave her this year. Again, this is a remarkable experience that you will find amazingly affordable. And it’s a simple as contacting us, pack a day bag, and climb aboard!  

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